Below you’ll find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions about the festival. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for here, feel free to get in touch using our contact form.

Attending the Festival

Can I visit Downtown Half Moon Bay without a ticket during the event?


While some streets are closed to vehicle traffic, all of Downtown Half Moon Bay’s sidewalks remain open to pedestrians, and we encourage you to shop and visit the many independently run shops, galleries, and restaurants that make up our downtown.

Tickets are required to participate in wine tasting, and come with a commemorative wine glass.

Are minors allowed?

Downtown Half Moon Bay is a family-friendly environment. Kids do not need a ticket.

To visit the wine tasting stations, attendees must be at least 21 years of age, with a valid event wristband.

Can I bring my dog?

We strongly discourage bringing your pet to the festival. As you know, amplified music, large crowds, food preparation and consumption can create a stressful and potentially dangerous environment for our furry friends. 

However, dogs are legally allowed in the public areas of Downtown Half Moon Bay where the event takes place. Please make responsible decisions for your pet.

Is there a VIP ticket available?

Assembling a VIP lounge for an event that takes place on the streets of Downtown Half Moon Bay presents some unique challenges. We’ve decided not to offer a VIP lounge this year so that we can focus our time and energy on creating an amazing event for everyone.

For those still craving a more exclusive experience, we will be adding 2 new events on Friday and Saturday night, which will offer the opportunity to see some incredible musicians in a more intimate environment. Tickets for these events will be available on the front page of this web site as soon as details are finalized.

Where do we park?

We encourage attendees to use public transportation whenever possible, consider carpooling with other attendees, and have a designated driver if you’re going to be tasting wine. If you’re bringing a car, the closest public parking to the event is on Johnston Street and Purisima Street, which run parallel to Main Street, just one block away. A full guide to public parking in Downtown Half Moon Bay is available online here.

Where do we check in?

The check in station is on Main Street in Downtown Half Moon Bay, near the intersection with Mill Street, in front of It’s Italia restaurant.

Can you recommend lodging for the night?

Half Moon Bay is home to 16 excellent hotels and inns, and we’d enthusiastically recommend any of them. You can browse and search available rooms at

Can I buy more tasting tickets?

Additional tasting tickets will be available for purchase at the event, 5 tastes for $20. Additional tastings are only available to General Admission ticket holders. 

I'm not tasting wine, what about me?
If you’re not tasting wine, you can still experience a day of amazing music without a ticket.
Is the festival accessible to people with disabilities?

There will be a dedicated ADA parking area in a private lot at the intersection of Kelly Ave and Purisima Street, in addition to the ADA spaces you’ll normally find on the streets of Half Moon Bay.

The event itself takes place along the center of Main Street, so expect lots of flat, paved, asphalt surfaces for getting around.

The seating area by the stage is comprised of individual folding chairs, which we can easily move to accommodate wheelchairs so groups can sit together, and there will be volunteers manning the seating area to assist as needed.

If you’re interested in wine tasting, all of the wine pouring stations are set up behind standard 30” high tables.

Participating in the Festival

How can my winery get involved?

We only have room for a limited number of California wineries each year, but we’re always on the lookout for new wineries to partner with. To see if we can squeeze you in this year, or get on the list for next year, reach out to our winery coordinator using the contact form.

How can my brewery/cidery get involved?

We’re only able to feature 4-6 breweries and cideries each year, and preference is given to local businesses (Coastside, Bay Area, Santa Cruz). To see if we can squeeze you in this year, or get on the list for next year, get in touch using the contact form.

How can my food business get involved?

If you’re interested in becoming a food vendor for the event, get in touch using the contact form.

How can my band perform at the festival?

Space for musical acts is extremely limited and they are usually booked well in advance of the event. If you’re interested in participating at a future event, get in touch using the contact form.

Can I sell my products at the festival?

We’re not an arts & crafts festival like some of the Bay Area festivals you may be familiar with. We only have space available for wine, food and beverage vendors. If the event expands to include others offerings in future years, we’ll post more information on this web site.

More Information

I live or work in Downtown Half Moon Bay, what should I expect?
Main Street will be closed to vehicle traffic between Mill Street and Correas Street. Additionally, Kelly Avenue and Miramontes Street will be closed between Johnston Street and Purissima Street (the blocks on either side of Main).
The streets on the perimeter of the event (Mill, Johnston, Correas, and Purissima) should all remain passable to vehicle traffic.
The street closures only affect vehicle traffic, everyone is still able to walk through the event area to access downtown.
Set up is going to begin on Friday evening (5/12) and things should be returned to normal by Saturday night.